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Danielle Black Lyons - Jamaica Chapter 2: Roots

“This is my first time surfing in Jamaica. I grew up visiting the western shores of Negril and it’s pretty flat there all year round.

Being able to showcase my identity as a black female surfer and highlight my Jamaican ancestry is a full circle experience for me.

Growing up I didn’t see many men or women who looked like me in the water and that affected how I viewed the world around me. How big I allowed myself to dream.

I hope that this reaches and audience who may have those same doubts and they see themselves in the faces represented in this film and say - hey they look like me, what’s stopping me from learning to swim, learning to surf or learning to skate.”

Follow @danielleblacklyons as she returns to her roots in Jamaica. Connecting with family, the vibrant culture & of course, the surf.