Amalia 'Billy' Pelchat

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Billy has been snowboarding her whole life on her two local mountains Whistler and Blackcomb. She started at 3 years old on bunny slopes and is currently snowboarding in a high performance group. Snowboarding is not only her greatest passion, it is a huge part of her life. She has grown up in the snowboard community and snowboarding has provided her with the best people to look up to and friends that will last a life time. 

Billy loves meeting new people and snowboarding with all her friends, for example the Whistler Valley Snowboard club, her sister Juliette, Spencer Obrien, Maria Thomsen, Robin VanGyn and Marie France Roy. She has many favourite tricks but if she would have to choose, it would definitely be front lip, and for a very fun cruisy day she also loves to do a big back shifty on a jump.


Favorite place to travel? My favourite place to travel would definitely be Japan. I love the different culture and the amazing mountains, terrain and obviously the pow!

Best moment in your career? The best moment in my career would be winning Mt Baker Banked Slalom. I have won twice. I am very excited for many more moments to come in my future. 

Favorite things to do when you’re not riding? My favourite things to do when I am not riding is to skateboard, surf (when I can), hang with my friends/family/dog, and recently I have also been getting into art like sewing and drawing lately. I have started to design and sew many clothing pieces and they actually look pretty good!  

Fashion essentials? My fashion essential are definitely my clique hat and my snowboard/skateboard. 

Favorite moment with ROXY? My favourite moment with ROXY is a hard decision. I have had some fun times but one of the best was probably watching the Torah Bright Out of Bounds movie premier in Seattle.

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