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From one World Champ to another: Steph & Kika

During the Portugal contest, 8x World Champ Stephanie Gilmore caught up with Junior World Champ, Francisca 'Kika' Veselko, to chat competition preparation, who inspires them, and what it takes to be the best. #MakeWavesMoveMountains



How do you handle the pressure?

STEPH: “I handle the pressure by accepting all of the challenges, enjoying the moment for what it is. Have some fun, smile and go after it.


KIKA: “A couple years back I felt that it was time to maybe look for a psychologist, someone that could help me deal with the pressure.


What do you think it takes to be a World Champion?

STEPH: “You have to have a dream, have a good self belief, and confidence in your abilities. And just have fun, you know, enjoy the ride.


KIKA: “To be a World Champion it takes a lot of determination, a lot of hard work. Eat well, go to the gym.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

STEPH: “My biggest inspiration has come from many different people in my life. My dad, he still surfs more than anyone I know, he’s just mad about surfing and he’s almost 70 years old.”

“A huge part of my inspiration comes from the new generation of young women who are coming through from all over the world, so I’ve got to step it up!


KIKA: “My biggest inspiration is Stephanie Gilmore, I would say Kelly Slater and I really like Frederico Morais.


What is your advice for young girls that just started competing?

STEPH: “The best advice I can give to a young surfer is to never underestimate yourself. It’s always the times when you feel the most challenged that you learn the most and that you surprise yourself and they’re the most memorable results. Other than that surf as much as you can, be a good person, lots of respect for everyone, and have fun!